you know how i said today is gonna suck because i didn't sleep at all last night? i know this is a rare occurrence but i was WRONG! lol i had an awesome day. i walked to the home improvement store near me (bout 2 miles) got some good pencils, paper, a multi outlet thing i needed for my basement project (cant tell you too much about it yet, but it will be awesome and i will post pics when im done) and some mini computer screwdrivers so i can fix my digital camera which is missing 2 screws since the LP concert last week. on my way back (bout half way) i found a little school supply store where i got most of the rest of my drawing utensils (i would give a detailed list but im not even sure what half those things are called in english and im SO not looking anything up right now) anyway, got everything i needed and made it back home by 10.30am. fed kid, put kid down for nap, took nap myself and suprisingly, after less than an hour, i was wide awake again. spent the afternoon f*cking around online (no new blogs from MS...*sniffle*) playing with my little angel and practicing my drawing a bit more (still suck, but that is why i practice) around 5pm i put Lee down for what i thought would be a nap, its now 10 pm and he's still out, so i guess he's out for the night. right around the time i put him to bed was also the time i noticed that the last time i ate was yesterday for lunch, a Peanut Butter sammich. but all the coffee ive been drinking made me so queasy that i still havent eaten. ive spent the last 4 hours in the basement, cleaning, moving sh*t, trying to "soundproof" the place (aka "stuffing sh*t in cracks") i repaired the desk i got from friends so now i can use it for drawing, hooked up my stereo (i wonder if my neighbors have the new LP album memorized yet....?) well, you get the point.now i just need to find away to get rid of all the spiders. i wanted to hang a german flag in one cornewr of the room, but because that corner happened to be the home to 3 relatively large arachnids, i decided to hang it somewhere else....
so tomorrow im heading to the home improvement store again to pick up stuff i need for my basement project. of course, i can only buy as much as i can fit in my stroller, so i might have to do a few more trips in the next couple of days.
i still cant believe i have so much energy left, but then, thats how i usually get when im over tired...well, i think is my bedtime now, Lee will proly get up early tomorrow.
take care!


jae said...

Good to find you too!

I have phases of insomnia too. Sometimes they are productive... sometimes not so much lol!

Christina said...

I'm glad you had such a great day! I can totally relate to the shopping experience, I never had a car in Germany and always had to walk everywhere, then only could buy what would fit in the stroller. Pushing that thing full of groceries, with one kid in the seat and another riding on that kickboard thing you hook on the back was a lot of work, but at least I was really fit, LOL!

Hope tomorrow (today?) is just as nice of a day for you.

Alicia said...

Hey! Nice to see you around.

I remember the days of insomnia very well but not fondly. I will say that my house was freakin' squeaky clean then. I got those second and third winds all the time, too.