Welcome Home pt 1

SO! I made it back in one piece! I'm so proud of me lol. im sure you wanna hear all about my trip! (if you dont, then TOO BAD! I'm gonna write about it anyway! Ha!)
where do i start...? Oh i know! Let's be all crazy and actually start at the beginning!

Tuesday afternoon, after much stress and lots of digging through different laundry containers, kitchen cabinets and toy boxes, i finally managed to drop off little Lee at my moms place. of course there was no parking on what must be the smallest street in this particular ghetto, uh, i mean neighborhood, so my hubby had to leave and come back several times while i unloaded all of the kids stuff. our goodbye was rather short, since i had to hurry to get back to the car and my son had absolutely no interest in paying attention to the person he spends EVERY DAY with. so no hugs and only a nonconsensual kiss lol.
i spent the rest of the night packing.

next day (wednesday the 22nd) i got up at... way too early, like 5 am i think, had enough time to brush my hair and teeth and get my tired butt in the car to be taken to the airport by my hubby. due to difficulties with the car, he oucldnt go very fast, so the trip that should have taken 45 minutes, took almost twice as long.
at the airport everything went smoothly, i was one of the first on the plane and had the great pleasure of being in the very first row, with noone beside me and my own little tv screen where i could choose what i wanted to watch. at first i burried myself in my copy of "the official autobiography of Charles Darwin" wich is quite the interesting read, considering it was written by none other than Mr Darwin himself, but after an hour or 2, the tv screen became to tempting and i put down my book in favor of "thecurious case of benjamin button" which was awesome, and then an episode of: supernatural, the big bang theory, how i met your mother and house.
eventually (10 hours and 35 minutes later) i landed in atlanta. quick as i am, i was the first one of the plane (being seated by the door helped too) and instead of heading straight for the front of the passport/customs line, i headed straight to the bathroom lol. i still managed to get in line before it got too long and got through without and issue. the customs agent asked me if i was from austria because of my haircolor, wich really threw me off (really? really bad red dye jobs are a sign of being austrian? despite the GERMAN passport? thats good to know)
i managed not to get lost in atlanta, wich according to some is qiute a feat....lol
so then i got to wait around for 2 hours to get on my plane to lexington/frankfort (i went from frankfurt to frankfort...interesting) wich i spent looking for a little gift to give to my friends kids, i bought them each a little panda bear for 5 bucks a piece, wich they ended up loving nearly as much as the dogs did.
the flight to leington was pretty short, less than an hour if i remember correctly, so i read a little more while listeing to music (shinedown "sound of madness") but mostly i was just looking out the window enjoying the view, trying to guess where i was.
arriving in lexington, i got my bag fairly qickly and went outside to wait for my friend to pick me up...and waited and waited. My first impression? DAMN this Kentucky place is COLD!!!
about 30 minutes later (an hour after she SHOULD have been there) madam decides to make an appearance. so i get my first ever hug from my (almost 5 year old) goddaughter Lorena and her (3 year old) sister Ella and i also get to meet little (15 month old) Valerie. all cute as can be. we make our way to Maria's minivan, wich isnt far away, thanks to the miniscule size of the airport. its an hours drive from lexington to the beautiful little town of somerset and I'm starving (airplane food = yuck) so we stop by McDonalds for some nuggets and a caramel iced coffee or some such thing. FINALLY we get to maria's house, walk in the door and get jumped by her 3 dogs. leading the pack is he tiny white poodle Henry who resembles a rat more than dog since maria had to start shaving him, closely followed by black lab mix duke (who weighs about 100 lbs) and dalmation mix Charlie, who is only slightly smaller than Duke. we spent the rest of the evening watching her kids dance in front of the tv and just talking about anything and everything. i spent the night on a giant airmatress in the living room.

and here i must leave you for tonight as it is 1 am and im still a bit jet lagged so i need to get to bed soon. i shall continue this story tomorrow (i shall try to spare you some of the boring details then, but i cant promise anything) sorry if there's alot of typos, im to lazy to correct them and the spellcheck aint working.


Here it goes, here it goes again

i stopped blogging, because, aside from the fact that i had little to nothing to say, i also felt that the little bit i did say wasnt being read by anyone. But now, i have decided that maybe i do have a thing or two to say. and if noone reads it, then its still good writing exercise for me.
now for this initial post i have no real subject other than: I'm back beetches!
i shall try to be more motivated from now on.

so, a little update on my recent activities:
alot has changed since my last blog. my husband has returned from iraq and we are a real family again, Lee is now 22 months old, walking, running, talking, dancing, counting, and many other fun things people his age like to do. right now he is "reading" a book, sitting there and just naming everything he recognizes, his favorite new words of this evening are "boot" (boat) and "banas" (bananas) he also just pointed out to me that his bunnie's pants are blue and the gras is gween. i suppose i dont need to mention that im INCREDIBLY proud. oh yeah, not to mention the fact that he can now recognize every letter of the alphabet but D (he calls it B i think thats cuz it sounds the same to him). but enough bragging, lets get on with the update.

on wednesday I am flying to the US to visit my friend Maria and her 3 little girls. not only because i wanna visit her, but also because i am convinced that i will NOT get across the border. (if anyone here knows a bit about US visas and the likes, feel free to share your thoughts)
this whole trip is scaring the crap out of me, if i dont get through customs and get sent home, i will spend 16+ hours on a plane, wich is probably not very good for my knees ( i cant even sit for 10 minutes without them starting to hurt) and of course if ths happens it'll lead to a whole bunch of new issues like, where am i gonna live when hubby has to go back to the US, will i still be command sponsored, will they let hubby come back here after he's done with his class. *rubs forehead* gawd i really dont wanna think about it. oh yeah not to mention the fact that if i am deemed "inadmissable" there is a good chance i wont be allowed unto the US for 3-5 years, and i dont know if i can get a greencard (for wich i am eligible, it just takes too damn long! 6 months to a year, are you serious!?) easily after doing this. all in all, im starting to think it might have been a better idea for me to just stay here and go about it the right (however long and painstaking) way. but now the ticket is bought.
and if they do let me in (wich i dont think will happen) there's still the fact that i will feel terribly guilty for leaving my son with my mother for a week!
gawd i hope im wrong.
oki, now it is time for me to put Lee to bed, dye my hair (an exciting, slightly different shade of red lol) and do lots of laundry so everyone will have something to wear while im gone.
i bid you toodles.