Here it goes, here it goes again

i stopped blogging, because, aside from the fact that i had little to nothing to say, i also felt that the little bit i did say wasnt being read by anyone. But now, i have decided that maybe i do have a thing or two to say. and if noone reads it, then its still good writing exercise for me.
now for this initial post i have no real subject other than: I'm back beetches!
i shall try to be more motivated from now on.

so, a little update on my recent activities:
alot has changed since my last blog. my husband has returned from iraq and we are a real family again, Lee is now 22 months old, walking, running, talking, dancing, counting, and many other fun things people his age like to do. right now he is "reading" a book, sitting there and just naming everything he recognizes, his favorite new words of this evening are "boot" (boat) and "banas" (bananas) he also just pointed out to me that his bunnie's pants are blue and the gras is gween. i suppose i dont need to mention that im INCREDIBLY proud. oh yeah, not to mention the fact that he can now recognize every letter of the alphabet but D (he calls it B i think thats cuz it sounds the same to him). but enough bragging, lets get on with the update.

on wednesday I am flying to the US to visit my friend Maria and her 3 little girls. not only because i wanna visit her, but also because i am convinced that i will NOT get across the border. (if anyone here knows a bit about US visas and the likes, feel free to share your thoughts)
this whole trip is scaring the crap out of me, if i dont get through customs and get sent home, i will spend 16+ hours on a plane, wich is probably not very good for my knees ( i cant even sit for 10 minutes without them starting to hurt) and of course if ths happens it'll lead to a whole bunch of new issues like, where am i gonna live when hubby has to go back to the US, will i still be command sponsored, will they let hubby come back here after he's done with his class. *rubs forehead* gawd i really dont wanna think about it. oh yeah not to mention the fact that if i am deemed "inadmissable" there is a good chance i wont be allowed unto the US for 3-5 years, and i dont know if i can get a greencard (for wich i am eligible, it just takes too damn long! 6 months to a year, are you serious!?) easily after doing this. all in all, im starting to think it might have been a better idea for me to just stay here and go about it the right (however long and painstaking) way. but now the ticket is bought.
and if they do let me in (wich i dont think will happen) there's still the fact that i will feel terribly guilty for leaving my son with my mother for a week!
gawd i hope im wrong.
oki, now it is time for me to put Lee to bed, dye my hair (an exciting, slightly different shade of red lol) and do lots of laundry so everyone will have something to wear while im gone.
i bid you toodles.


Anonymous said...

good luck for your scary journey!!
and, the title of this blog is so damn cool :D

Kate... said...

yo homie, clever name - got me thinking there for a sec ;)
good luck with your US trip, fingers crossed you will get through! and you wont feel too giulty! keep us posted from the othe rside of the pond, or at least try ;)